How do I begin taking lit collagen?

We recommend consuming 1 bottle of Lit Collagen Australia daily before bed time for the first 4 weeks to maximise collagen production and reap the benefits that will commence from then on.


How soon can I see a difference and what kinds of things can I expect to see?

Everyone is at a different stage in their lives and has different collagen replenishment requirements. Lit Collagen Australia clinical studies suggest that 4 weeks onward is a good guideline to start noticing a difference in your sleep, the firmness and fullness of your skin, improved complexion, pigmentation and scars start to fade, skin ailments improve, organ will function better, joints aren’t as stiff and if you are all too familiar with the bloat-there are anti-inflammatory properties that will assist. Lit Collagen is beneficial for those who have had joint repair or strain to their ligaments, strengthen nails and hair production; it’s also known to assist in maintaining a youthful appearance.


I suffer from sensitive skin/eczema/ psoriasis/acne. Can i ingest liquid collagen?

Lit collagen is not harmful for those who suffer from any skin conditions, in fact; it has been proven to assist in healing those who suffer from these skin conditions.


Who can take Lit Collagen?

We recommend men and women from 25 years and up to start taking our collagen drinks daily. However, we have had high success rates treating younger consumers with problematic skin conditions


How do I store lit Collagen Australia products?

It is recommended you keep these products refrigerated so they are ready to consume.


What is the shelf life for Lit Collagen Australia?

3 years from the date of manufacturing.


I’m pregnant/have a medical condition; can I take Lit Collagen Australia?

Our products are not harmful. However; if you are unsure please visit a qualified medical practitioner prior to commencing on the Lit Collagen Australia journey.


How does it taste?

Surprisingly; Lit Collagen Australia’s formulation is pleasant, and has a fruity taste. The consistency is smooth and not grainy.


What type of collagen is Lit Collagen Australia?

There is a high concentration of 13,000mg Marine collagen type I and III in each serving.


I’m unsure if I am a suitable candidate for lit collagen, is there someone who can help me?

We recommend you speak with your qualified medical practitioner. As each case is different and consulting with a professional who is aware of your medical history and health is the safest approach.


I am Muslim, can I drink this liquid collagen?

Lit Collagen Australia is a (fish) marine based product. It is suited for Muslim consumption.


Can I consume this product if I have hypertrophic and/or keloid scars?

It is not recommended to consume collagen if you have not been treated for specific scarring. Please consult with a dermatologist before embarking on any new regime that affects the skin.