If you suffer from heavy acne or sensitive skin, you’d understand the heartbreak I went through as a teenager. Each morning, I did whatever it took to mask the breakouts on my face before going to high school. But whatever I tried, it didn’t work. People would constantly stare and make fun of my bumpy face. They didn’t take me seriously and couldn’t see past the aggressive breakouts. It really knocked my self-esteem at a time in my life when I should have been carefree and having fun. I wished every day to have a clear complexion and be free without any skin problems. I just wanted to exude confidence within my skin.


Unfortunately, it didn’t get any better when I entered the workforce as a young adult. My face was filled with pigmentation and blemishes as the acne became more intense causing my skin to become fragile and brittle. Desperate to heal my skin, I spent a considerable amount of time and money consulting dermatologists and trying every prescription and treatment imaginable: laser treatments, numerous creams, chemical peels and medication. Some would work for a while and I’d start to feel hopeful.


But as soon as I stopped the treatments, my acne came back. Each flare up was more devastating than the last and it seemed to get worse over time. I felt emotionally tired, defeated and wanted to give up.


Then one day, I was recommended liquid collagen, a concoction said to alleviate my acne. I didn’t know what it was and I’ve never heard of this before. Is this something new? Am I a guinea pig? Is this even safe? I had so many questions. Nothing else worked on my skin. Why would this be any different? I was sceptical but, considering the endless failed solutions I’ve tried, I wasn’t going to stop now. I began to take the daily dosage as instructed and continued it religiously.


I started to notice the subtle changes to my face as the weeks went by, and at the seventh week, I saw the major difference.


My skin was noticeably less inflamed.


By the end of the three-month treatment period, my acne had cleared up completely, the scars had faded, and my pores were visibly minimised. I was elated. For the first time since, I was relieved and excited about my skin condition. I finally had crystal clear skin.


But that wasn’t all. My nails were stronger, my hair was glossier, my joints weren’t as stiff after workouts and I was sleeping better than ever before.


Finally something worked!


And that piqued my curiosity. Why had it worked? I had to know. So I began to research liquid marine collagen. Knowing that the Japanese are one of the worlds leaders in skin beauty and health; led me to connect with and develop my very own concentrated dose of liquid marine collagen. With a team of Japanese specialists by my side to develop variations of the collagen formula and being obsessed with perfecting the collagen formula to be compliant with Australian stringent standards, Lit Collagen Australia, boosted with a high dose of 13,000mg per serve; is not only to keep my own skin clear but to help anyone suffering the all too familiar indignities of acne, problematic skin and internal health issues.


It’s been a long but rewarding journey, and one that yielded even more benefits than I could have imagined. Today, with Lit Collagen Australia finally on the market, I’m so proud to be able to share it with you and help your inner beauty shine through a clear and radiant complexion. Let me be a part of your journey and embrace our flawlessness together.



With much happiness,


Founder of Lit Collagen Australia