At LIT Collagen Australia Pty Ltd; we have had the privilege of working closely along side a team of Japanese specialists who have helped us develop premium products for our consumers which is approved to Stringent Australian standards. The facilities are:

  • Conducted in a GMP and USFDA registered facility 
  • ISO certified 
  • CoA enabled 
  • Stringent in the sterility processes
  • Adheres to Japanese ministry of health requirements
  • Producing ongoing formulation to meet the requirements of LIT Collagen Australia’s development and clinical trials. 

Our consumers are highly regarded and we have a high level of expectation to ensure our customers are able to obtain our products. LIT Collagen Australia Pty Ltd products are available to be shipped internationally to our customers for everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of what our products have to offer. 

Our vision:

Providing our consumers with premium products to benefit their health and wellness for optimal benefits internally and externally. 

Our values:

Quality and safety cannot be compromised, therefore our products are not low grade by any means and we use the best ingredients possible to enable maximum benefits being delivered to our consumers.

We form a mutual trust with our consumers making them feel comfortable that our products are suited and beneficial. Our regard to customer satisfaction shall not be questioned.